Friday, May 23, 2008

Asia Argento: Mother of Tears

This is odd. Italian director Dario Argento has once again directed a film starring his daughter, Asia Argento, but in this one she doesn't get raped and/or murdered. Go figure.

The film is Mother of Tears, and from the lo-def trailer, it looks pretty horrorish. Think Hills Have Eyes meets DaVinci Code. Ms. Argento recently told the NY Daily News that she won't be getting naked in any future movies:
"There's a limit," Argento says in a smoky voice on the phone from her home in Rome. "And luckily I'm getting more dignified and old as time goes on."
OK, getting older as time goes on. Got it. Makes sense. Meanwhile, here she is in the trailer, giving birth to one of those tears mentioned in the title:

And here she is either 1) getting her eye plucked out (just don't touch the eyebrows!), or 2) getting her lashes crimped:

And if a non-naked Asia Argento is not to your liking, the film also includes this trippy chick (is that Moran Atias?):

Scroll-down field guide - How to tell if your date is Asia Argento: These photos of Asia clearly indicate that if your date is spouting an angel from down under, she is Asia Argento:

Also, if (when viewed from behind) your date has these snakes climbing out of the most perfect ass you've seen in recent memory, she is probably Asia Argento:

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