Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashing. No, Not That Kind

When we were your age, we didn't have a camera in our phone. We were lucky if we were even allowed to use the phone.

We had a Kodak Instamatic X-15 camera that used 126 film. It had a two-speed shutter (1/45 or 1/90), but it had no built-in flash. And that meant that we had to use flashbulbs.

We used GE MagiCubes. But now we know that it would have been better to have the Sylvania Blue Dot M3 bulbs you see here. These were, the packaging tells us, "ideal for Polacolor." So if you had to photograph a polar bear, you would want the Blue Dot M3.

The point is this: the model getting the pink cartoon "flash" embedded in her skull has great eyebrows. (Thanks to Found in Mom's Basement for finding these in Mom's basement.)

Scroll-down confession about our violent past: Mostly we didn't use the MagiCubes for flash photography. Mostly we smashed them with a baseball bat and watched the little explosion and enjoyed the loud *pop*!

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