Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blubrow on Fleshbot. Yay.

Thank you to someone named Sanj, who tipped off Fleshbot: Pure Filth about Blu's efforts to promote healthy eyebrow worship worldwide.

They featured our posting about Ms. DeArmond and pointed out in their headline that "Blu's Blog Proves That Eyebrows Are The Windows to the Soul." To which we respond, damn straight! They get it. Or are trying to, at least. Yay!

Thanks Fleshbot. You're in our blogroll now. And the photo below is just for you guys (and gals). Nobody else look, OK?

Scroll-down reminder to scroll-down: Since some new readers are coming through from Fleshbot, here's a tip: Always scroll down for a profound scroll-down tip. Also, always click the image in the posting – it stimulates them, and makes them grow bigger. Try it!

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