Sunday, May 18, 2008

Annelise Hesme: Spoiler? I Hardly Know Her.

I wonder if it's frustrating to be an aspiring actor on the silver screen, and to find one's greatest success in a television ad for a tin-can of an automobile like the Renault Clio?

If it is, you wouldn't know it from watching the adorable 30ish French actress Annelise Hesme:

Although she's appeared in a few movies, she's best known as "the gorgeous French woman" in the "Ben and Sophie" car ads from about 3 years back. Here's the first one.

And if you want to know what French women do to make men fall in love with them, and that only takes about half a second, watch the bouffée/eyebrow thing that Mlle. Hesme does when she says "Cinéma" and he says "Television." It goes by quickly...:

Scroll-down car-related ad jargon from a Clio TV spot that sounds dirty but isn't: "F1-inspired rear diffuser..."

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