Friday, November 23, 2007

Pulp Fiction Eyebrows

One of life's guilty pleasures is sorting through pulp novels of the '50s and '60s in musty, sketchy bookstores. There's a treasure trove of skeeve out there. And some of it has illustrations of wanton hussies with - gasp! - great eyebrows!

Here are a couple just for fun:

How great is that slug line? "On camera they violated the Code of Decency. Off camera, they violated each other." Not even an exclamation point. Pure genius.

Scroll-down juvenile delinquency seduction plot bonus: Another pulpy treasure was Kitten with a Whip by "Wade Miller." Wade Miller was really the combo of Robert Wade and William Miller. Did it really take two people to write Kitten with a Whip?

It was made into a film starring Ann-Margret (when she was still hot). If you didn't see it in theaters in 1964, don't worry. You can catch it on MST3K.

Bonus scroll-down random stupid brain-cell wasting trivia: The band Nothing Painted Blue gets its name from a line that Ann-Margret utters in the film: "How come you think you're such a smoky something, when you're so nothing painted blue?"

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