Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Natalie Portman's Magorium Laborium

I was scanning the news today, since it's the day before Thanksgiving and not a damn thing is getting done at work anyway. And I see some red carpet photos of a woman in a watermelon-colored shirt and no pants, and I think, "What the....?" And then I realize, that's Natalie Portman. Some clicking reveals several items of note.

First, that's not a shirt, it's a dress. OK, Nat, if you say so.

Second, she's in a movie about a guy who has a toy store where magical mystical things happen, but whose continued existence is cast into doubt by a lovable dork. Of course, I watched the trailer with the sound off - as you do - and it seems like the plot is "Willy Wonka meets Jumanji." Whatever.

Here are three pictures of Ms. Portman on the red (i.e., gray) carpet:

I told you pants!:

And here are three frames I grabbed from the hi-def trailer. Too bad the writers couldn't go on strike before polishing off this gem. Anyway, Portman's brows are about a B+, but she looks cute in her tomboyish haircut and all, so for that we give thanks:

Scroll-down bonus rhetoric: Who the hell makes G-rated movies anymore?

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