Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gone with the...Brow

The other day we looked at Janet Leigh. Here's another Leigh for our enjoyment: Vivien Leigh.

Best known as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind, Leigh is (as far as I know) no relation to Janet. But they have one thing in common: interesting eyebrows.

Vivien was quite appealing. This production still from GwtW is one of my favorite Hollywood portraits of all time:

What's interesting about Vivien is that her brows were assymetrical: the right brow was arched and the left one was flatter and straighter. This gave her the look of always being either quizzically questioning, or archly scheming.

When they produced the poster for the movie, they took the image of Scarlett more or less directly from the photo above. They didn't even "fix" her eyebrows for the poster. Thank goodness!

Scroll-down marriage quiz: If you count being married to famous actors as another thing, Janet and Viv have that in common too. Janet married Tony Curtis; Vivien hooked up with Sir Laurence Olivier.

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