Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blooming Under Sable Skies

Is Blubrow the Brigadoon of blogs? That mythical Scottish village appears every 100 years and the outside world has the chance to interact with it...Maybe this blog appears every 100 posts and someone interacts. Here's why I think so:

On a blog called Reject the Kool-Aid, blogger Tearfree commented on Famke Janssen's scary, brutish eyebrows and also referred to Blubrow's blog (the one you are reading now). The first assessment was not positive ("sort of lame" was the verdict), however, on further review she changed her mind and said
it's not lame at all. Great brow shots of both famous people and regular gals.
This is important for two reasons:
  1. It's the first time anyone on the internet has ever acknowledged that it's OK to change your mind about anything (props to Tearfree!), and
  2. It may - may - herald the birth of a brow bloggers' kindredhood of some kind. And that just might mean that at long last, eyebrows will be seen as the super-central hyper-critical ultra-meaningful key that they are to all things esthetic.
More likely, though, nobody will notice and I'll just keep toiling away in relative anonymity (Tearfree's blog isn't really "about" eyebrows and she may never comment again). That's actually ok, though, because I subscribe to the belief that as soon as somebody else likes something I like, it's no good anymore.

So I leave you with this...I'll be adding a list of brow-ish sites sometime soon, and I share the following just for fun:

A model named Lou-Lou as captured by famed photographer Richard Kern. Her eyebrows are solid, but the rest of her hair is a mess. Ain't it always like that?


Tearfree aka Reject the Koolaid said...

Have you posted Famke's eyebrows over here yet?

Blu said...

Heeeeeere's FAMKE: