Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eyebrows from Canadia: Triance-Martin

Chris Triance-Martin is from London. London's not in England. It's in Canadia. Ontario to be exact. There's also an Ontario in California, apparently. Which is not in Canadia.

Dammit, this is confusing. Good thing for us it doesn't matter. What matters is that his photos are great, and you should cruise on through to his site.

Scroll-down Six Degrees of Separation: Apparently, Triance-Martin has worked with model Engel Schrei, who we will meet later. Lately she has started popping up in the portfolios of several photographers whose sites we've been scanning. She's like the Kevin Bacon of nude figure photography models.

Or something.


Engel Schrei said...

So I'm Kevin Bacon now?? Kewl :)

Blu said...

You are so much more than a mere Kevin Bacon...believe us!