Friday, November 2, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Brows, Oh My!

Back in July I wrote about The Golden Compass, a film version of a popular book for kids. At the time there was a short trailer with a few worthy moments of Nicole Kidman. Now they've released a fairly long (and completely incoherent) trailer, with a few more eyebrows. And as usual, I have captured the best of it - such as it is - right here.

First off, the oh-so-annoying Eva Green is in the movie, along with Kidman. Aside: Is James Blond tapping all these women? Here are two shots of Green's eyebrows:

OK, enough of that. Kidman is constantly in motion, which is why the video stills below are not too sharply resolved. But you get the idea. As usual, there is much that is good, and some that is disappointing about Kidman's brows.

Scroll-down "Siskel and Eyebrow" review: What's the plot? As far as I can tell, the lion from the Narnia movie is defeated by the Coca-Cola polar bear and a capuchin assistance monkey.

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