Thursday, April 5, 2007

Can You Pluck a Tortilla, or Do You Thread It?

California painter Joe Bravo has a gimmick, thanks to which he is quite the celeb right now. He paints with acrylic paints on tortillas. That's right, tortillas.

The sample below is a close-up of Frida Kahlo. We're not big fans of Kommie Kahlo, for whom America wasn't good enough - until she needed quality medical care. Then guess where she went? That's right. She took a break from servicing Trotsky and headed north. Anyway, Joe Bravo has captured her left eyebrow for posterity - on a tortilla.

Here's the artist's statement.
My artwork pays homage to the realism of the Renaissance Masters, the innovation of the Impressionists, the social consciousness of the Mexican Muralists, and I have been influenced by the rich art history of cultures throughout the world. In my art I incorporate creativity, personal expression and technical ability to connect with the viewer on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level.
He forgot to mention Del Taco. Our advice to Joe is to cut the crap and keep painting eyebrows. And put a little extra guac on mine, will you? Gracias.

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