Thursday, April 5, 2007

Rudi Bakhtiar: We Knew Her When

Melissa Theuriau got us thinking. No, not like that! Well, that too. But back in the day (i.e., before 2006), the hottest thing on cable news was Rudi Bakhtiar. 5'0", 100 lbs. Did her own hair and make-up. And had great Persian brows. Then she disappeared from Headline News/CNN and resurfaced shilling for Fox. Finally, Rupert had something "fair and balanced": Rudi's eyebrows.

But a quick survey reveals that all is not well. Rudi used to show up with broadly tapering brows, prominently set off from her Farsi complexion. Now her brows seem somehow lackluster. Whether it's reality or just our politics at work, we present herewith a few choice of screenshots of Rudi as we remember her.

And it won't take a written explanation for savvy readers to understand why we picked these particular examples to share with you.

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