Saturday, April 14, 2007

Resident Eyebrow: Sandrine Holt

We like watching the Resident Evil movies. Why? Because zombies are awesome!

Just kidding! Zombies make sorry monsters. They are among the worst movie monsters we know. They're slow and they're dumb. We prefer monsters that are fast and smart. But we digress.

The real reason we like Resident Evil (besides Nemesis) is Milla Jovovich. But Resident Evil: Apocalypse has a bonus (and it's not Sienna Guillory, who is boring despite her hot outfit and many guns). It's Sandrine Holt.

Holt's father is Chinese and her mother is French. And you know how we feel about the French. We first noticed her in Black Robe, then Rapa Nui (which is Polynesian for "cute rack"), and a bunch of TV crap, like 24 and Witchblade and stuff. But enough. Just enjoy.

Scroll-down bonus trivia: She's 5'10" (yeah!), and her birth name is Sandrine Ho.

1 comment:

Samuel said...

She is a real stunner. I'm starting to get a fetish for half europeans and half orientals big time.