Friday, April 13, 2007

Introducing Joe Bowler

Joe Bowler (b. 1928) sold his first illustration to Cosmopolitan at age 19, in 1947. His stock in trade for a couple of decades was the romantic story art that makes the major women's magazines of that era so great to peruse - you know the ones...Wedding Gown For Sale: Never Worn, and so on. Good Housekeeping (what a concept!), McCall's, Ladies' Home Journal, the Saturday Evening Post, Redbook...

And he did ads. Philip Morris, Pepsi, La-Z-Boy. He ended up hospitalized with polio at age 30 but has continued on and is a successful painter of oil portraits and saccharine vignettes (little kids with puppies, crap like that). But we forgive him, because in our book of illustrators, Joe Bowler is the King of the Eyebrow. And that's not a coronation we perform casually.

So here are a few to get started with. There will be many more, we promise!

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