Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Model Gabrielle B

We learned about the site known as Met Art the other day, and they have provided some more handsome brows for us to gaze upon - along with some other treats (I know you will forgive the non-eyebrow photo below). Enjoy Gabrielle B.

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drkumar said...

Dear Gabrielle B
You are looking like a divine woman and with out that divinity it just impossible to be like that. I even felt that as if I am seeing the mother of Jesus Christ. I went into trans I started my morning meditation. At every picture I see purity purity and purity. For the first time in nude models I am really seeing a real divine woman. Your eyes are so pure and i see in them the real nothingness. I believe your are woman searching for the truth, purity, and peace. I wish You should get all that in your life.
Dr Kumar, India