Tuesday, December 25, 2007

An Eyebrow Holiday Card. Sort Of.

Ho ho ho.

It is after midnight here in Eyebrowland, and that means it's Christmas for some of you. The presents are wrapped and placed under the tree, you scarfed down the cookies and milk after lying to your kids about "Santa" (nice job), and it's time to surf the web for fetish porn – a holiday tradition!

Well you've come to the wrong place. At least for now. However, all is not lost. If you are looking for a new way to tell your friends and neighbors about your obsession with Blu's Eyebrow Blog, look no further.

Now we have business cards.

Our New Year's Resolution is to go viral, in order to spread the joy of fabulous eyebrows. And to do that, what better way than colorful little cards, printed with a pop art eyebrow on one side, and our URL on the other?

So if you're one of the visitors who came here because you picked up a card, drop us an email and tell us where you found it. And then leave it someplace where another unsuspecting victim will pick it up in turn.

Today, a modest blog. Tomorrow, World Eyebrow Domination.

Scroll-down Disclaimer: Just got a call from Blubrow's General Counsel. She wants me to tell you that "Card size is yea big," so keep a sharp lookout for those cards. They're small (but they're powerful). And they come in different color combos, so collect all ten! (Sample above is one such combo).

And...personal thanks to the loyal fan who provided a royalty-free image of her very own eyebrow (and other special help) for this important project!


Sofía said...

Hello I'm auladepeluqueria.blogspot.com, thanks for your comment and for the information about your blog. I think it is quite interesting. By the way... Merry Christmas!

Blu said...

Feliz Navidad, Sofia! In a future posting I will link to your Aula de Peluqueria Fotos blog - great stuff there!