Monday, November 10, 2008

Push This: Camilla Belle

There is a new movie coming out, called Push. And as we do, we viewed the hi-def trailer for you. Why? Because it includes Camilla Belle, recently seen being deaf, alongside Elisha Cuthbert, who was being mean.

We like the overly-simplistic color-coded look of this film, but honestly, ten seconds after the trailer ended we could not for the life of us remember what the hell it was supposed to be about.

Don't sweat it. Just enjoy Belle's brows:

Scroll-down Blubrow Wayback Machine: We couldn't shake the feeling that we had heard about this movie a really long time ago. So we fired up the Blubrow Time Machine and sure enough, in October of 2007 we wrote:
In addition to the laughable-looking 10,000 B.C., she will be in something called Push with Dakota Fanning, also coming in '08. It sounds like a rip-off of Heroes, with telekinetic teen powers and all that crap.
Word. Now we remember what it's about.

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