Friday, November 14, 2008

Dry T-Shirt Contest, Part I: Is This You?

So we were indulging in a guilty pleasure the other day and reading Drudge, and we noticed an ad for a company that sells "funny" t-shirts. You know, t-shirts with ironic or "humorous" slogans on them. The girl in the ad was cute and had pretty nice eyebrows. So we clicked.

Then we discovered that the shirt company's web site has pages and pages of photos that its customers have sent in, showing said customers wearing the company's witty-sloganed shirts. Ha ha.

The thing is, there's a principle at work here to which these nice ladies are oblivious. We're willing to overlook it, because some of them are really appealing, even with their dumb t-shirts on. What's the principle?

Hang on. We'll tell you in just a moment. We need to contemplate the background artifacts in this classic photo.....

Scroll-down words to live by: OK, here it is. Write this down, because it's important.

As soon as somebody else likes something,
it's no good anymore.

So if you're the only person in the world whose t-shirt says "All your base are belong to us," then it's funny, and you're cool. If thousands of people have that shirt, you're a complete dope.

Brought to you by the only known eyebrow blogging outfit in the world. Think about it.

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