Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pier Angeli: Another Card

As I'm sure you will remember, back in December we saw a Maple Leaf Gum playing card of ill-fated Italian starlet Pier Angeli.

We stumbled across a cigarette card, also popular with collectors, of Signorina Angeli at a younger age – but still with the eyebrows.


Beth Lamanna said...

Chain of tragic event and fabulous eyebrow relationships....

Pier's twin was Marisa Pavan.

Marisa married Jean-Pierre Aumont and raised the daughter he'd had with Dominican actress Maria Montez, who'd drowned in a bathtub several years earlier.

This stepdaughter of Marisa's (niece of dear Pier) was named Tina Aumont and was also incredibly gifted in the brow department. Tina died of a pulmonary embolism last Halloween.

All in all, some hot brows and tangled stories tinged with sadness.


Blu said...

Um, looks like we have found ourselves a guest blogger folks! Beth, that's an awesome chain of eyebrow events with great photo links. I'm going to post your comment as a separate posting with the photos in plain view (since RSS feeders and other passersby will not ever see your awesome comment).


Elizabeth Lamanna said...

Groovy. I've been obsessed with brows since 8th grade, when I plucked all mine off and drew them back in to look more like Drew Barrymore in Batman Forever. (Because that's all that was holding me back. The brows.) Happy to guest submit any time you want, Blu.