Friday, October 31, 2008

Guest Blogger Tells a Halloween Tale: Pier, Marisa, Maria and Tina

The other day, faithful subscriber Beth dropped an awesome comment on us. It was about Pier Angeli and her wacky, tragic life and family. We hereby offer you that comment, converted into a blog posting, complete with the pictures that Beth linked to, to illustrate her gripping narrative.

Most of all, though — as always — check out the brows...Here's what Beth said in response to our latest on Pier:

"Chain of tragic event and fabulous eyebrow relationships....

Pier's twin was Marisa Pavan:

Marisa married Jean-Pierre Aumont:

...and raised the daughter he'd had with Dominican actress Maria Montez, who'd drowned in a bathtub several years earlier.

This stepdaughter of Marisa's (niece of dear Pier) was named Tina Aumont and was also incredibly gifted in the brow department.

Tina died of a pulmonary embolism last Halloween.

All in all, some hot brows and tangled stories tinged with sadness.


And one year later, R.I.P., Mlle. Aumont. Whew.


Elizabeth Lamanna said...

Cool beans.

Blu said...

All our beans are belong to you!