Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday, Showcasing Vintage Brows

Over time, we've accumulated a pretty big backlog of vintage photos: pinups, centerfolds, amateurs, models, and actresses. We'll be posting them regularly, starting today, in a series of posts we'll call (drumroll):

Throwback Thursday

At least one each week...sometimes many - and some of them we'll know by name, some of them not.

But all of them have great eyebrows!

Sheila Rudy

She needs a bra that matches those awesome panties...but who would own such a thing?

Lari Lane gets wet in Playboy, 1958:

The "woman next door":

Edy Williams
She hasn't been seen since her 1995 appearance in Snatch Masters 6!:

Anna Noble
Her claim to fame was as a faux-Bond girl, appearing only during the credit sequence of The Spy Who Loved Me.

And a classic vintage pin-up:

More next week!! And every Thursday...


bold natural brows said...

Love Edy Williams.. her full curves and deep brows, you know me, it would have been nice to see them in there natural state at least one time.. lol

JJ Blu said...

Yeah, we hear you man! She was such a sex bomb as a youngster, but scary when she got old: