Monday, January 2, 2012

Start Off the Year with a Bang. Literally.

Happy 2012 to all eyebrow fans and readers, casual or faithful. We're planning to keep up with our roughly "every Monday" posting plan, since it works for us. (If it doesn't work for you, well...too bad.)

To kick off the new year we're taking a look at Belen Rodriguez. She's a pretty, sexy brunette model and TV type from Argentina, who lives in Italy and who made headlines a while back because of – shocking!!!a leaked sex tape.

Normally this is pretty boring news to us, but we actually checked this one out, because, as you can see below, her eyebrows are so quality. Bottom line though: don't bother. She's not that famous, and even though she looks great (and we appreciate her technique in some specific aspects) it's blurry, dark and confusing most of the time. Like teenager sex.

Instead, here's a quick Belen gallery. Cha cha cha.

Sporting side boob:

Sporting nipple. Oops! Slip!!

She gives good magazine cover!

More cuteness:

And a (cropped by us) screen cap from the aforementioned video. Note: we lightened & sharpened the image quite a bit, the video itself is darker and blurrier. And more confusing.

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