Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amateurs on the Weekends: The Undie Run

Amateurs on the Weekends is one thing we'll try to keep doing more or less consistently. The first such post of 2010 brings you some comely co-eds from UCLA, by way of an event called The Undie Run. We told you last August that this event was supposedly banned, but students are persistent, clever and clueless, so they went ahead and did it anyway. Not only are there many pieces of lingerie in evidence, there are a few choice eyebrows too.

Let's see....We're not sure if bra/panty combos are "supposed to" match, but we're forgiving at least the lass on the right for the mismatch. Those brows make up for any fashion faux pas (that's French!):

The lady in blue has the brows we're looking for, but did you know that Geordi La Forge went to UCLA too?

Finally, all we can say to this is: Holy Crap.

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