Monday, August 3, 2009

College Campus Bra Parties: Undie Runs

Well we know we just experienced a bunch of bra party fun on Blubrow, including Sasha Grey, but when the news breaks, we are there.

In case you hadn't heard, UCLA has apparently forbidden organizers of the school's annual Undie Run to hold the event on campus.

Makes sense: Your students insist on gathering by the hundreds to run around at night in their bras and panties? Better make sure they go out into the neighborhoods away from campus, instead of staying within the friendly confines. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, we tweeted about this news item and wouldn't you know it, our in box filled with Undie Run snapshots - complete with eyebrows! Thanks to the naughty lady who was hoarding these because, as she says, "I like boobies." Hey, who doesn't?

They're not all from UCLA but who cares?

This was our fave, because of the brows combined with the fine layer of sweat glistening on the co-ed's skin...also, she's cute!:

Pouty, or something:

Girls just know how to pose, probably because they spend hundreds of hours doing it in front of the bathroom mirror, taking their own pictures with their cell phone:

Here's that cutie again...with a roommate. But still!

OK, we lied. This is by far our favorite:

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