Monday, September 1, 2008

Rachel Papo's Israeli Military Brows

Photographer Rachel Papo has mounted an interesting project. A dedicated reader (thank you!) sent us a link to it, and if you really give a damn we'll let you scope it out in detail.

It's right here. It's called Serial no. 3817131.

But in the interest of boiling it down, it involves photos of women who are completing their compulsory military service in the Israeli Defense Forces. There are a couple of ways you can approach it.

You can read the faces of these young women as a marker of the modern search for identity, the struggle of individual femininity against institutionalized – or even mindless – obedience to authority:

Or you can look at it as a chance to see hot teenage chicks with pretty good eyebrows hanging around with guns and stuff:

Your call. We'll revisit this topic in two more postings this week.

Scroll-down confession: We jumped on the chance to view these photos in case there were army chicks in wife beaters and stuff. And there are. But we clicked through every photo truly enjoying the documentary quality of the art. This is great photography, with or without the eyebrows. More soon.

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