Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Just In: Albanians Are Hot (Emina Cunmulaj)

So we're wading through the e-mail here at Worldwide Blubrow, trying to get in touch with Maryam Abacha (who apparently has some money for us), and what do we find? The last thing we expected:

An Albanian supermodel with superbrows: Emina Cunmulaj:

Eagle-eyed samaritan e-mailer "SB" politely pointed out (without really saying it) that we suck for not having already featured this Michigan-born, emigrée to Albania at age 4 runway model. And he's right. (If he's a he.)

She's got all kinds of modeling experience for the biggest names in haute couture (Red Sox fans, look it up) and she's only 24. So she has at least 6 months left in her career.

A tip of the chapeau à l’Albanaise to SB for the three images above.

Scroll-down action photo: We knew you'd want to see more than just her eyebrows, so click this huge image to see Emina at work.

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