Friday, August 29, 2008

News Flash: Palin Not Qualified for Veep Job, Based Solely on Eyebrow Inadequacy

Sure you love the fact that Charles Foster McKlane's veep choice, Sarah Palin is named after the "it's" guy from Monty Python. And yeah, of course our officials in high office should promote creationism in public school curricula. Duh!

Yes, we want them to tote rifles, eat mooseburgers and be brunette chicks.

But they must have good eyebrows.

Sadly, Sarah Palin fails on this last account:

We do note, however, that back in '84 when she vied for the Miss Alaska title, she had them a little darker and fuller. Even if she did win Miss Congeniality (serious!).

Then and now. Too little, too soon. Sorry:

Scroll-down Plutarchian comparison: Cindy McKlaine, the candidate's scary wife, is a former Miss Arizona Rodeo or something, so she too is be-pageanted.

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