Saturday, August 23, 2008

600th Post: Announcing Our Flickr Group

Wow. This is the 600th time we've logged into Blogger's lame (but free) interface to share with you the wonderful world of women's eyebrows.

To celebrate, we're announcing the creation of a Flickr group for fans of women's eyebrows.
Click here to view the group.
Feel free to join, or just to subscribe to updates. We reserve the right to decide what constitutes a group-worthy contribution, but if you've been reading Blu's Eyebrow Blog, you'll have some idea of what we're looking for down here at Worldwide Blubrow Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the photo above is a sample of the incredible stuff you can find on Flickr, if you are patient and observant. Lovely Nikita Kashner has albums full of photos like this one...gorgeous!

See you on Flickr! Now, for the next six hundred posts...

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