Sunday, August 10, 2008

Euro 2008, Part XI: The Final Whistle

When we started blogging the eyebrows in the crowd at this summer's Euro 2008 football (soccer) championships, we didn't think it would drag on into August. But now we have to wrap things up, because it's time for the Beijing Olympics. We'll be monitoring that and reporting back to you with any hottie athlete brows we spot.

Meanwhile, here's installment eleven in the Euro saga, appropriately enough, since your favorite football squad has eleven players on the pitch.

The Spaniards deserve these brows, they played so brilliantly:

Heck, they may even deserve this. Olé!:

Meanwhile the Swiss helped with the hosting, so let's give them props as well:

But for my money, the Turkish women made the best overall showing. We leave you with some of Turkey's best soccer brows:

On to Beijing!

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