Sunday, September 2, 2007

More Keira, This Time With Social Commentary

Ms. Knightley has criticized the media for focusing on her figure and not on her films. Right on, Keira. Fight the power!

Meanwhile, we would like to reassure the actress that her films are subjects of great fascination and serious contemplation for us, and that we would never stoop to mere physi- whoa! More photos! Check it out!!!

Scroll-down editorial bonus:

The very Englishly named Jasper Gerard has written an outstanding column in the Telegraph, followed by a vituperative whinging criticism of Knightley by someone named Becky Something, who refers to Knightley as a "plank of wood." And best of all are the comments from readers. One of them points out - quite rightly - that it's OK for critics to worry about an actress getting too thin, but off limits to point out when they get too fat.

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