Thursday, February 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Stockings, Palm Fronds and Stencils. And Five Nipples.

Sometimes we like to find a theme that ties together our vintage eyebrow displays. But this week, we're at a loss.

We brought in a high-priced consultant to assess the situation and to provide us with a number of options to pursue. When it was time for his report, the room was hushed. The lights were dimmed and we crowded around the conference table, pencils hovering expectantly over our legal pads.

There was one PowerPoint slide. And on that single, stark slide was displayed a single, electrifying word.

Our consultant had, in true consultant style, borrowed our watch to tell us what time it was.

He read the slide's single word out loud and strode from the room, heading to the airport, with a quick stop at the ATM to cash his check. The word?


There's your theme folks. There's your theme.

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