Thursday, February 2, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Garner, Jani, Lawford

From the archives! Back in the day there was....

Geraldine Garner
Ms. Garner couldn't find a bra to match her animal print panties, so she had to walk around holding her boobs up herself. Actually she had a matching bra, which you can see here. She claimed to be "statistically stacked" at 39-24-36, and performed burlesque under the stage name Sequin.

Jean Jani
Ms. Jani was Playboy's July '57 centerfold. The magazine showed her as a United Airlines stewardess, but she actually worked the reservations desk. Now that's what we call "Global Services"! She lost her job over the racy magazine spread, but went on to a successful nude modeling career for men's magazines in the 1960s.

Barbara Ann Lawford
Another Playboy centerfold, this time in February 1961. She was on the cover seven months later. Her turn-ons were "Dogs and hot fudge sundaes." Together? Kinky!

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