Thursday, October 22, 2009

Broken Embraces, Intact Eyebrows: Penelope Cruz

Our screening theater was being renovated, but now that we have the squash courts and the theater done, you'll be seeing more shots from movie trailers again. And if you visit us, you'll be seeing some squashing.

But right now, you'll be seeing Penelope Cruz, who stars in a film called Broken Embraces. Can't tell but it's likely nonsense. However...Cruz has brow power that we don't often see...

We think in this scene she tells some guy that she is leaving him. We speak Spanish, you know. Cha cha cha:

Then she channels a few different movie stars, guess which one is our favorite?

We love the dude in the background:

Also, we think some of these hands are hers, but who knows? We'll have bonus Penelope coverage tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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