Monday, October 19, 2009

Exploiting Buddhist Tradition Since 2009: Kora

Have a skin care product you want to foist on an unwilling public? Good, because we all know there are not enough different brands of skin care products for women!

Have skin covering almost your entire body? Good, because we all know that the more skin you have, the more product it takes to cover it.

Have a concern that Buddhist meditation isn't being used to sell commercial products enough in places like Australia? Or that it ought to be associated with a naked model? Good, because Miranda Kerr is devoting her skinny ass to selling skin care product in Australia, and it's named after a Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition. It's called Kora.

We don't give a good goddamn. We just want to see Miranda Kerr naked. And so do you:

Scroll-down repressed memory: Oh yeah, she had already told people she was a Buddhist. Do Tibetan Buddhists have nice skin? 'Cause if they do, we are totally buying this stuff when it hits the States.

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