Monday, July 16, 2007

Posh Brows?

If you live in the same three dimensions that Blu does, you have doubtless been moved by the images of the Beckham family bending into Los Angeles this past week. Becks, who has been confused with the musician of the almost-same name by at least one acquaintance of ours, is past his footballing prime (if not actually washed up) but his wife may well have her best eyebrow years ahead of her.

At least, that's the way they made it look in this month's edition of W Magazine, where the couple is portrayed in various degrees of ecstatic communion.

Nevermind that the LA Galaxy are mopping up the bottom of the league tables. If all else fails, the City of Angels will have Posh's Lancômesque brows to enjoy.

Scroll-down bonus: Victoria's everyday non-magazine spread over-tweezed look:

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