Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dress Up As Maggie Siff For Halloween

Ever since February, when we posted Maggie Siff's eyebrows, the site search has been burning up with perverts like you looking for more Maggie Siff. So we went back out and dutifully retrieved these images. Because if Papa Blu taught us anything when he was showing us the ropes on the way up, it was this: the customer's always right.

Except for one thing. You're wrong! Maggie Siff looks a little frightening here, and in fact, reminds us of someone we know. Someone crazy. Someone who told people that she divorced her cat.

So take your Maggie Siff photos and be happy, but honestly, we think it's a long way from this to this:

Scroll-down reasonable attempt to compromise: OK, OK. She has a righteous rack. But still.

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