Thursday, April 23, 2009

Live In Concert: We Screwed Up, It's Lily Collins

Note to Readers: The posting below has been updated to reflect the fact that despite our swagger we don't know as much as we think we do. To wit:

That's not Emina Cunmulaj, it's Lily Collins. A fan (who originally brought both Lily and Emina to our attention) pointed this out to us in a polite email instead of embarrassing us by posting a flame in the tweezes. Thanks!

In our weak defense, we did say we'd be seeing Lily again.

Here is the redacted version:


We didn't say it was her concert, just some concert.

[Said fan points out it's a political convention, not a concert. – Blubrow]

By the way, who the hell emigrates from Michigan to Albania? That's just weird.

Answer: Emina Cunmulaj, who does not appear in this photo of Lily Collins. Unless she's in the way back somewhere.

Scroll-down comment we would have left if we were the ones who noticed this f*** up: "You stupiud loser, your worse then Hitler!"

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