Monday, May 7, 2007


Over on YouTube - perhaps the biggest disappointment on the internet - there is nonetheless a very loquacious brunette vlogger who calls herself SupaDupaFlyGirl. She blathers on and on about I don't know what. I do know, however, that she has great bone structure and outstanding eyebrows.

And that's enough for me. I just turn the sound off and enjoy.

Scroll down bonus - sort of: three minutes of YouTubing, Facebooking and MySpacing shows that her name is Lizzy Ashley Nix, she's 19, and she's an '06 grad from South Carolina, home of the Gamecocks. But what's a Gamecock?!


asshole2 said...

she didn't graduate from south carolina in 06, she graduated from st john villa in staten island, ny in 06. she goes to college in south carolina now.

geez. get your info straight.

Blu said...

But I read it on the interwebs, so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but she is supafly!!!!

Blu said...

Yeah she is. She musta said or done something fascinating last week, because in the past day she's the #1 searched-for thang on Blu's Eyebrow Blog! Normally that honor is firmly held by Sandrine Holt....wassup with Supadupaflygirl?