Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Russian Ballerina: Too "fat"?!

A few years ago there was a news story about a Russian ballerina who was fired for being overweight. Anastasia Volochkova. She is 5'6" and weighed 110 pounds! I could lift that without using my hands.

Maybe the reason the male dancers couldn't lift her is that they are bunch of weak cry-babies. And one irony is that the Russian word for "large" is большой - that's Bolshoi, folks - the name of the ballet company that fired her!

Anyway, we don't care about all that. Although the brows in the first picture (below) appear to be more paint than actual eyebrow, we'll give her points for being theatrical - and for being a Russian ballerina. Besides, Anastasia is a such a great name.

The second photo looks a little less painted on. Nice.

The photo gallery on her site is good (it's in Russian), and the four links in the "scroll" section each represents a different gallery. Looks like she's done print ads, magazines and billboards too. Enjoy it.

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