Thursday, March 8, 2007

Suicide Girl: Adelaide

Friends, I have only ever paid for a subscription to one web site, ever: Suicide Girls. Why? Because it's hot, that's why. If you ignore the wacky interface and confusing navigation, if you can handle Flash and like young girls who have no clothes on, this is a great site.

A few of the girls even have great looking eyebrows. Here's one, who hails from Canadia and calls herself Adelaide.

In the future we'll blog more Suicide Girls, but for now do these two things to make your day better:
  1. Enjoy this photo of Adelaide, and
  2. Check out Suicide Girls.
Note that I cropped this picture at the bottom to keep the blog ever so family-friendly...but there's so much more to the Suicide Girls than their eyebrows! And no, I'm not employed by or getting anything from Suicide Girls....

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