Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Emily Tebbetts' Underwater Work

Hello Friends,

Yes, the postings have slowed to a is complicated, and although we've been blogging consistently – if not always prolifically – since March of 2007, we find ourselves without the time and ability to focus on doing eyebrow blogging right.

So we're winding down. We'll have about another half-dozen posts, then we'll put Blu's Eyebrow Blog on ice, at least for now...but probably permanently.

But until then, we have a couple more gems to share. Like this beautiful artwork by photographer Emily Tebbetts. We're inviting her to add this work to our Women's Eyebrow group over on Flickr.

In fact, we're going to keep the Flickr group going, even after we put the blog on hold, so sign up for Flickr (it's free) and join the group. We have more than 700 photos in there, and we add a few every week or two.

Thanks friends. Stay tuned for the last few Blubrow posts....

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