Friday, November 20, 2009

Brooke Lynne Underwater

[Update: See Brooke Lynne's comment in which she chastises us and provides photo credits and links for the below.]

There's an artist's model named Brooke Lynne (get it?) who is very talented – and we continue our recent foray into the world of the underwater with these beauties. Check out her site. Then check out her blog.

Chip Willis has worked with her, and he has high standards, as we know (as far as I know, these photos are not by him).

1 comment:

brooke lynne said...

These photos are by Zeitgeist Photography.

Next time, please ask permission to use these (or any) copyrighted photos from the photographer first. Using (including posting) copyrighted photos is an act of copyright infringement, and most artists take copyright infringement very seriously and report incidences of abuse.

And also, I would appreciate being notified about being featured instead of being notified via web alert.

Thank you very much.