Monday, November 2, 2009

Amateur Nude Makeover: The Blubrow Edition

We got pretty good feedback when we did an unsolicited makeover on a MILF that one female reader sent us (claimed it was her momz. Yeah...). (And although we were kidding about the iPhone stalker app, there is this: Stalqer.)

Anyway, we got another "amateur snapshot" in the mails and thought to ourselves, "We would so hit that!" But...the photo of this attractive young lady could have been a little less...authentic. This is the Interblahg Age, the post-true world. So although this is OK:

...we felt like we could lose the jeans, the rumpled JC Penney sheets, and the drool-encrusted pillow. So we fired up the Girlfriendizer action in Photoshop and here's what came out. Now even someone with high standards would jump on it! W00t!

Meanwhile, everyone: send more. Thank you.

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