Friday, September 18, 2009

Sourcils des Iles Kerguelen

We're the kind of assholes who say stuff like, "We love maps."

We love maps.


Anyway, we were looking at one of the most obscure corners of the world in Google Earth, and noticed that on the remote Kerguelen Islands in the southern Indian Ocean there is a geographic featured called the Falaise des Sourcils noirs (that's French!).

It translates as the Cliff of the Black Eyebrows.

Holy Nancy Drew! We love maps! Here it is:

And here is a photo of the lonely nearby Black Eyebrow Point. We love that someone named the area for black eyebrows, but we can't help wondering why. We could Google it, of course.

Anyway, this can hardly be satisfying to you, since what you really want is T and A. And we don't know what time is on Kerguelen, but it's amateur hour here. So here's a T to start the weekend.

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