Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extreme (Not Really) Photo Makeover

We love it - love it! - when you send us pictures (of yourselves, your girlfriends, or in the case below, supposedly, your momz) and show off the eyebrows.

Here's the note, however, that accompanied this photo. It's self-explanatory and we have not made any edits at all:
Dear Blu's Euebrow Blog,

Your blog is great because it gives me and my mom tons of ideas about how to make sure we are doing our best to make our eyebrows look as good as they can. I get your emails and if there not too um RISKY, i send them to my mom. To repay you for all the great ideas weve gotten from you I am sending this pic of my mom. She is dating again after a messy devorce, and finally got to where she can put her profile pic on her Facebook anddating sites, in the hopes of meeting mr RIGHT. LOL

If you think she is 'all that' which i do! then please share this with your blogs readers or put it on your flickr page for the world to enjoy. i think she is beautiful and i love her like only a daughter can love there mom! THANKS.

We have left off the daughter's name (Clare) and city (Phoenix), because we think the new iPhone stalking app could lead you more or less right to this family. So....say hey to Momz:

Here's the thing. Bitch fine!! We love her. We'd do her. The vote in staff meeting this morning (using CISCO Telepresence (tm) to connect with our worldwide partners in vivid, high-definition real-time immersion video) was unanimous.

And yet....We couldn't help feeling that as pretty as Momz is...she could do even better. So we subjected her to the Photoshop Action called Milferizer and here's what we got:

So, in response to Clare, whose name we promise not to use...we say: Tell Momz to use this photo instead. You always get more action when you blur out the twins' bunkbeds in the background!

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