Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

OK, stick with us, folks.

First things first: Miss Universe 2009 is Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela. And her brows ain't bad. Congratulations to her. Of course, the fix was obviously in, because she replaced someone from her own country, Dayana Mendoza. Anyway, here are the eyebrows:

Now the question becomes, did the ultimate winner have the best eyebrows? We're going to run through some alternate possibilities here and let you all decide – after telling you whom we would have picked (hint: it's not Miss Venezuela).

First up, Mayella Mena, Miss El Salvador. Not bad, but not world class by any means:

Next, Klelia Yiasemidou, Miss Cyprus. Pretty good, but we like a little more arch to our pageant brow:

How about Miss Kosovo, Gona Dragusha? Uh, we don't like feeling as if Miss Universe is on the verge of killing us by stabbing us through the ear drum with her stiletto no (actually we do like that, but can't admit it here):

Another candidate is Ekta Chowdhry, Miss India. We love her skin, and her nose. But the brows are wider near the outside ends than near the nose, which is ... backwards. Too bad:

OK, three more to choose's Miss Serbia, Dragana Atlija. Good stuff, but that vertical end screams "used to be a unibrow!" Sorry:

How do you feel about Miss Bolivia, Dominique Peltier? We feel that she ... is a man! Bzzzt:

That leaves just Miss Netherlands, Avalon-Chanel Weyzig. She has the taper and she has the arch. Folks, she's our pick! We'd love to see her nether lands! Namsayin'?

As a bonus, in an upcoming post we'll take a look at one contestant's tribute to the King of Pop. Stay tuned!

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