Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Eyebrow Blogger. It Has Begun.

We received an email the other day that was like a bolt from the blue. It said, in part:
Just wanted to let you know, that I created a blog devoted to bold natural brows...though mine is more for the natural, and thick brows...we can cover the brow spectrum and possibly catch something one [of us] has missed...
At this point we felt the way John Connor feels at the end of T3 where he is in the bunker and some dude from Strategic Air Command comes on over the radio, and it's like, OMG! We're not alone!

Except we don't have a Commodore Series 8000 PET. WTF?

But we digress.

So behold:
Bold Natural Eyebrows
BNE is starting out with (among others)Polish model Paulina Gierasimiuk:

We're certain that this is the first step in the Browgosphere's inexorable march toward a Skynet-like self-awareness, which leads – at length – to world domination. But maybe not.

Anyway, welcome to the show, BNE.

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