Sunday, October 14, 2007

Art Frahm Homage by Marcus Ranum

Back in July I wrote about Art Frahm, who channeled the male's objectifying and dominantly privileged gaze while painting women whose underwear was falling down.

Photographer Marcus Ranum also appreciates Frahm's unique approach to the celery-buyer's dilemma. On his photo site he has ten studio shots with models posed in circumstances that just ooze with Artfrahmenfrauleinischkeit. The point is, he gets it - especially the celery part.

Here's a cropped version of the best pair of brows among the ten, but there are other things to see there as well, so click on through and check it out.

Scroll-down Intellectual Property Quibble Bonus:

Here's a section cropped from another one of the photos:

Let's play "What's wrong with this picture?" That's right, kids. How did Nori's panties fall down if she had the holster thigh tie-downs attached?

Unlike you (the Reader), I (the Blogger) have literally unlimited amounts of free time, so I researched this. It is clear that if the gunslinger in this photo used something like the Holster Support Plate described in detail in US Patent Office filing 6588640, she and photographer Ranum could avoid this kind of visual paradox and get back to showing us high-resolution photos of Nori scissoring herself out of a black Zentai, which is what we really want, after all.

Isn't it?

That and more photos of Gorean Slave Girls. Although, even with all my free time, I looked and looked at those slave girl photos and cannot find any trace of a Kef.

And while I'm on a roll, the horse photo would be funnier if the horse were wearing giant panties around its fetlocks.

OK. It's a long, long way from Art Frahm to fetlocks. I better stop now.

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