Friday, October 26, 2007

Argent-Teens: We'll Settle for Two Out of Three

The Argen-teens web site (never attempt anything without the hyphen!) begins with a good concept: stockpile photos and videos of nude young brunettes from a country noted for the beauty of its women, and for the quality of their eyebrows.

The homepage says:
Enter the amazing world of glamour, fantasies and good taste created by the very models who truly understand Erotism.
They kind of have the glamour and fantasies part down. We're not sure about the good taste part. Hence the two out of three (although I guess it also depends on what they really mean by "good taste").

Anyway, just look at the girls.

What? You've never been to Argentina? Then here's an extra dose to hold you over til you can get there. Her name is Muriel:

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