Saturday, October 27, 2007

20,000 Visitors and Rising: Jennifer Connelly Marks the Occasion

Back on August 29, I reported that in the previous month, 6,200+ visitors had surfed through my private eyebrow fantasy world (otherwise known as this blog). And I posted some Jennifer Connelly eyebrows as a reward to the faithful.

Since then, another 15,000 visitors have blown through here, an even higher rate. Most of them, I'm sure, thought "Whoa. Get me outta here." But maybe a few liked what they saw and keep coming back.

Regardless of whether you landed here by mistake or came here just to look at great eyebrows, welcome. And thanks. (Tell your friends.)

If you have comments or requests, you can leave a comment on the site, or send a message.

Here's JC again:

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